ReDesign HP
Designing for tomorrow

Step by Step ReDesign Process

Step1: Send a list or sketch of the plan changes and receive a no obligation estimate within 24 hours.

Step 2: If the estimate is acceptable, call our office to place your order 913-938-8097 . We will send you a statement of work to sign and return. ReDesign HP SOW.docx

Step 3: We will order the plans on your behalf from the original designer via a PDF or CAD file, *as stated in quote.

Step 4: Within 1 business day you will receive a PDF emailed copy of the original plan for you to review.

Step 5: Our design team discusses your ReDesign project. We will email an anticipated completion date for the first draft as well as any points that need to be clarified.

Step 6: Draft #1 will be sent to you for review, we will incorporate all your design changes in the first draft.

Step 7: Proceed to draft #2/#3/#4 as needed, if we missed anything or misinterpreted a change. You have opportunity to mark up the plans and return them to us to proceed to the next draft phase.

Step 8: Plan approval -with your plan approval we will finalize the plans and email you a new PDF of the ReDesigned plan. Note: if the CAD file was part of your purchase, ReDesigned CAD will also be sent with approval as well as the PDF.