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How do I know I will like the ReDesign?

We will work with you on a series of drafts to ensure the plans are to your satisfaction. We will do up to 4 drafts of the plans at no additional cost.

How long does the ReDesign process take?

This depends on the workload at the time you place your order. Typically around 6 weeks for your first draft to be returned to you, each following draft is returned in just a few days.

Do the blueprints show the framing, floor joists and roof layouts?

Yes, but the framing details are typically handled with notes on the details and section views.  About 10% of stock plans come with detailed framing plans showing every member; please note that in these situations, framing sheets will not be changed as this is best addressed on-site with the builder or with a local engineer per local building codes and conditions. We will leave the original sheets in the plans as a reference only.

Will the plans meet my local building codes?

At the time the original blueprints were drawn, they were drawn to meet the local building codes.  Please remember this does not mean they will meet all local building codes.  If you are not sure, contact your local building official for a list of the items you need to submit for a building permit.

Is a material list available?

Material lists are available on most stock plans, but it is important to note that we do not modify material lists; this should be done with the builder/lumber yard.

Do the plans/blueprints include HVAC, plumbing and electrical?

It is typical for the plans to contain basic information regarding HVAC, plumbing, and electrical.  However it is also advisable to consult with a local subcontractor on all the above to assure local code compliance.

What is a CAD file?

CAD files are a complete set of construction drawings in an electronic file format. CAD files include a copyright release allowing you and us to make legal changes to the copyrighted blueprints. A PDF can and will be made from the CAD file for ease of use after the ReDesign process.

Have Other Questions?

Give us a call at the phone number below.

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